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The Bauhaus Ideal then and now - an illustrated guide to modern design

The Bauhaus Ideal then and now - an illustrated guide to modern design
» autor William Smock | editura Academy Chicago Publishers | 2004 | 146 pagini
Smock energetically examines the legacy of the Bauhaus, a post-World War II German school of design founded by Walter Gropius to replace Victorian-era design with machine-age style. Citing embodiments of the famous dictums "form follows function," "truth to materials," and the linking commandment "less is more," Smock analyzes visual efficiency and modernism's appeal to reason, especially ...
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Graphic Ornaments

Graphic Ornaments
» editura Pepin Press | 272 pagini
Since the invention of printing with movable type, and even before, graphic ornaments and illustrations have been used to structure and to enhance text. Graphic Ornaments contains a wealth of visual material, such as fleurons, borders and emblems, all taken from period originals. As the ornaments are stored in high resolution on the two accompanying CD-ROMs, they are ready for immediate use. ...
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PALATE SI COLIBE REGALE DIN ROMANIA - Arhitectura si decoratia interioara

PALATE SI COLIBE REGALE DIN ROMANIA - Arhitectura si decoratia interioara
» autor Marian Constantin | editura Compania
Peste 100 de imagini in text si 40 pe hirtie speciala Arta " mare ", arhitectura, artele decorative contribuie, prin intermediul maestrilor si mestesugarilor, la realizarea unor proiecte care depasesc cadrul estetic. Viziunea suveranilor se arata, fireste, marcata de cultura proprie si de gust, dar finalitatea ei este un gest politic, o miza a intregii comunitati. Din cuprins : Primele palat...
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Business and Legal Forms for Interior Designers (ready-to-use with negotiation checklists) (45 forms on CD-ROM)

» autor Tad Crawford | editura Allworth Press | 2001 | 232 pagini
Attorney Crawford and professional designer Bruck, coauthors of Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers, have once again teamed up to present a comprehensive guide to business organization and legalities this time for interior designers. Though chapters cover successful proposals and negotiations as well as business law, the book consists primarily of forms, including those used for...
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Experimental architecture houses

Experimental architecture houses
» autor Jacobo Krauel | editura Universe | 2007
This volume surveys houses that defty expectations and explode the notion of what constitutes "experimental" in residential architecture. Bjarne Marterbroek and MVRDV - Double House Utrecht Ushida Findlay Partnership - Soft and Hairy House Engelen Moore - House in Redfern Santiago Calatrava - Buchen Housing Estate...
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Architecture now! (engleza-germana-franceza) (vol. 5)

» autor Philip Jodidio | editura Taschen | 2007 | 350 pagini
" A cross section of existing projects, plus some truly experimental ideas still only alive in cyberspace". Each new building is the result of specific circumstances, ranging from function or location to costs. Trends in taste or fashion obviously play their role in determining the appearance of architecture and its deeper meanings, though some attempt to deny such influences. Contents ...
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Culele din Romania - tezaur de arhitectura europeana

Culele din Romania - tezaur de arhitectura europeana
» autor Ioan Godea | editura Editura de Vest | 2006 | 164 pagini
Cunoscutul om de stiinta loan Godea, premiat al Academiei pentru unele dintre lucrarile sale in domeniul etnografiei, autor a numeroase tratate, monografii si lucrari stiintifice cu caracter inter-disciplinar (etnografic, istoric, geografic, lingvistic, arhitectura etc.) referitoare la spiritualitatea si cultura populara romaneasca, abor-deaza de aceasta data, o problematica devenita de referin...
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Living spaces - a complete home decorating sourcebook

» autor Marcia Margolius | editura Watson Guptill Publications | 2002
A home decorating book of design ideas, this guide is aimed at creating stylish interiors even on a limited budget. Using an open mind, some savvy design sense, fresh furnishings, and inspiration from this book, homeowners (or renters) will be able to plan, decorate, and furnish their homes in beautiful, stylish, satisfying, and fun ways. Hands-on decorating ideas range from redoing a kitc...
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Seaside Style

Seaside Style
» autor Taschen, Angelika (ED) Dorrans Saeks, Diane | editura Taschen | 2003 | 192 pagini
Images of the seaside are the core of "Seaside Style", a celebration of beaches, sea-views and blue skies. Beach huts and houses from around the world and their interiors are featured in this inspiring little guide, offering both ideas for decorators or an escape from the dreary British weather. A series of beautiful photographs take the reader from the rustic Mediterranean to Middle Easte...
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» autor Campbell | editura Taschen | 2005 | 96 pagini
"Disappearing space seems to me to be the most durable and endurable and life-giving quality in architecture." - John Lautner American architect John Lautner (1911-1994) is responsible for some of the most original buildings of the space age and, indeed, the 20th century. The residences he designed in the Los Angeles area, including the Chemosphere House and the Silvertop, are synonymous ...
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