Decision Making

Decision Making
autor John M Adair | editura Kogan Page Ltd | 2007 | 9780749449186
Provides information on the processes of practical thinking which lie behind effective decision making, problem solving and creative thinking. Using exercises and case studies, this book helps you understand key concepts such as: how the mind works, the principles of effective thinking, how to develop a framework for decision making, and more.Adair will help managers and leaders of all levels to ensure that the best decisions are taken, problems are solved in the optimum way, and the creative ideas and innovations so necessary for tomorrow's business flow freely.a 

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Arta de a lua decizii

Arta de a lua decizii
» autor Adair John | editura Cosmos | 2008
Descriere - Arta de a lua decizii Cartea explica principiile cheie pentru dezvoltarea abilitatilor dumneavoastra de gandirea si pentru aplicarea lor creativa si productiva, astfel incit sa faceti fata oricarei situatii.Recunoscut ca o autoritate internationala in domeniul gandirii manageriale, Adair combina exercitiile practice cu o ghidare clara. Nr pagini: 88
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Liderul inspirational - Cum sa motivam, sa incurajam si sa avem succes

Liderul inspirational - Cum sa motivam, sa incurajam si sa avem succes
» autor Adair John | editura Meteor Press
Descriere - Liderul inspirational - Cum sa motivam, sa incurajam si sa avem succes John Adair este recunoscut astazi cea mai mare autoritate mondiala in domeniul conducerii si al perfectionarii muncii de conducere. Autor a 30 de carti pe aceasta tema, el a fost numit unul dintre cei 40 de oameni din intreaga lume care au contribuit cel mai mult la dezvoltarea gandirii si practicii manageriale. ...
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30 Minutes...Before Your Job Appraisal

» autor Patrick Forsyth | editura Kogan Page | 1999 | 55 pagini
Format de buzunar.
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Develop Your NLP Skills

Develop Your NLP Skills
» autor Andrew Bradbury | editura Kogan Page | 2006 | 154 pagini
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the powerful communication tools. This third edition provides practical guidance on using NLP techniques to achieve business excellence. It is useful to those interested in improving their powers of communication. It helps the reader become successful at work through setting effective goals.Third edition explaining how to use Neuro-Linguistic Program...
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How to Manage People

How to Manage People
» autor Michael Armstrong | editura Kogan Page | 2008 | 160 pagini
How to Manage People is a practical new book from bestselling author Michael Armstrong.A distillation of all his knowledge and experience, it provides advice to managers and team leaders on how to manage people in their teams, getting the best results from them and dealing with any people problems that may arise. Many managers have to do their job without HR advice, and this book is designed to...
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