autor Hortensia Parlog, Pia Branzeu, Aba | editura Institutul European | 2009 | 468 pagini
The book, made up of two main parts, deals with the human body as reflected in language and literature. The chapters of the first part discuss: the body as a non-verbal text that may be "read" from several perspectives (sociological, psychoanalytical, archetypal, feminist); the way in which Anglo-Saxon writers see the body and its different representations (natural, catastrophic, transgressive); the possibility of translating the human body, viewed as a non-verbal text. Special attention is paid to the transposition into literary texts of the body represented in paintings and to the meaning acquired by words denoting body parts. The second part of the book is an English-Romanian dictionary of body collocations. Sixty three body parts are presented in a variable number of structures and illustrated with quotations from English literary works translated into Romanian.

Din cuprins:

- Reading the Body
- Describing the Body
- Transposing the Body
- Translating the Body
- Body Collocations

Hortensia PARLOG has been a member of the English Department at the University of Timisoara since 1968. She served two terms as Secretary of ESSE (European Society for the Study of English). Professor Parlog is the founder and editor of B.A.S./ British and American Studies journal. She has published articles in the field of English phonetics and phonology, lexicology, syntax, pragmatics and translation studies, and is the author, co-author or co-editor of several volumes and dictionaries.
Pia BRINZEU teaches English literature at the University of Timisoara. She was head of the English department between 1996 - 2004, and now serves a second term as vice-rector of the university. She was President of the Romanian Society of English and American Studies. She has published studies of literary theory and criticism in prestigious journals abroad.
Aba-Carina PARLOG is a lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Timisoara. Her fields of interest are postmodern literature and the theory and practice of specialized translation. She has published numerous papers at home and abroad.

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