Wintrobe's Clinical Hematology

Wintrobe's Clinical Hematology
autor John P Greer MD John Foerster MD, FRCP(C) George M Rodgers MD, PhD Frixos Paraskevas MD Bertil Glader MD, PhD Daniel A Arber MD Robert T Means Jr., MD | editura Themis Cart | 2008 | 3232 pagini | 978-0-7817-6507-7
Established since 1942 as the leading hematology textbook, Wintrobe's Clinical Hematology is now in its thoroughly revised Twelfth Edition. The text continues its tradition of correlating basic science with the clinical practice of hematology and is organized to help physicians find clinical answers quickly and easily.

The Twelfth Edition is in full color for the first time, includes more international contributors, and has two new editors, Daniel A. Arber, MD and Robert T. Means, Jr., MD. Highlights include expanded coverage of molecular genetics and pathogenesis, more hematopathology illustrations, and current information on new medications and their rapid bench-to-bedside development. Four new chapters cover anemias unique to the newborn period, pathology of LHC and other histiocytic disorders, tumors of the spleen, and pathology and classification of myeloproliferative disorders and mast cell disease.

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