Soldier - A Visual History of the Fighting Man

Soldier - A Visual History of the Fighting Man
editura Dorling Kindersley | 2007 | 360 pagini | 9781405322317
From the Samurai of Japan to US rifleman, explore the dramatic experiences of soldiers whoaaa¬aa¢ve fought battles and paid the price of warfare.

Experience life on the frontline through personal accounts of the training, living conditions and engagements from 2,500 years of military history. Learn about fighting techniques and tactics from each era, and see the armour, uniforms, kit and weapons used in the field. Virtual tours take you inside the fortresses, ships, tanks and aircraft in which soldiers have battled, from a Viking longship to the cockpit of a B17 bomber.

Foreword from Colonel Tim Collins (OBE), who made headlines with his inspirational aaa¬ËœEve-of-Battleaaa¬aa¢ speech during the Iraqi conflict.

An essential visual record of the fighting man.
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